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Default S-TYPE 126 DRAM


It's my first message in this site. Well it's been a while since I didn't surf, I decided to restart last year and was very surprized at the development of this sport.

I stopped windsurfing in the early 90's, were a 2,85 board was already a sinker. I found myself onboard a 2,5Mt 126RRD in Alacati Turkey this year and it was unbelievably user-friendly and fun!

Conclusion: I decided to buy a Starboard (even the scenery of this sector has changed a lot: We used to know Mistral and fanatic as the best boards, now it's a brand I never heard of before with head offices in Thailand! that's called globalization).

Here is are my questions:

1- My weight is 70Kg and I used rented a 2005 126RRD last year without problems, do you think I could use a 126 S-type DRAM without major problems? (I'll sail in Turkey again, 5-6 beaufort with a 6,2 saber NP and rather chopy water conditions).

2- They are talking about side-cuts on the 126 and 136 on the site, but I can't see them on the pop-up picture. Does anyone have a picture of the cuts??

3- The newer generation of boards seem more fragile (compared to the designs in the 80-90's), what are most common damages, how do you avoid them?

Thanks for all the helpfull advice!
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