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Default ISonic fine tuning (For Ian and Kevin)

Hi Kevin and Ian ,

Next week I will receive my long awaited new slalom boards (ISonic 87 and 111)

I would like to know (from your point of view) if both boards cover the whole 10/40 knots range for my weight and height with reasonable overlapping , and the recommended mastfoot and straps positions in order to achieve maximum performance.
Also I would like to know about optimal fin sizes and brand for my different sails-boards conmbinations.
I sail in both flat and choppy conditions.

Weight 89 kg (excellent pumping and speedsurfing skills)
Height 1,84m

Sails: Code Red 7.7
Code Red 6.7
NP RS6 5.4

Next sail Code red 9.0

Carlos Duperron
Buenos Aires
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