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Default RE: Is Starboard F-type good for me?

That's great! Congrats!! So, it is sitting on your bed for the winter? That means you are sleeping on the couch? ;-)

The farther back and to the outside edge of the board, the more speed oriented. This sort of setting will also require more rider input. Typically, you can get more power driven to the fin if you put the straps on the outside setting.

The farther forward and inbound, the more friendly the ride but less efficient the board... that's how it was described to me anyway. I've never had the straps set inward or forward.

Don't forget you've already tested the board. Recall the settings you started out with. Then, when Spring comes around, try slight variations from that point and see if you can feel the difference... if not, vary the positions more from that familiar point.

When moving footstraps, Roger Jackson has a good suggestion... don't use a powerdrill... you could overtorque the holes. Also, he mentions rubbing the screws with a bar of soap before putting them in the holes. Do a search -- you might find his exact words.
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