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Well When I told 5-6 beaufort, in fact that's when I am close to the beach, the farer you get the harder it blows. That's why I'll stick to the 126Dram.

I'm trying to attach the spot where I'll be surfing with wind directions, my usual path and wind strengths... The gulf is surrounded by 300Mt high hills end the back-end of the beach (on the right) has a mountain 900Mt like a wall, so in fact you see the wind is tunelling between and getting stronger as the end of the gulf gets narrow, but when it reaches the beach it looses its power because of the mountain in the back...

Anyway, I still think the ST126 is a good choice. I still didn't get someone to direct me to some picture of the side cuts though! (I don't think they are side cuts such as the Isonic).
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