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Default RE: Why Board Maker lie about actual volume ?

In my opinion, I think casting the issue in the framework of a lie takes the situation a bit too far. In reality, the idea of absolutes in characterizing the volume of boards, the actual area of sails, or even the size of fins can be very subjective in nature. When you get down to it, the deviations are truly quite small in the scheme of things.

What I think Starboard has tried to do in marketing some of their products is to find a relative balance between physical and performance characteristics. I don't want to suggest that this marketing approach makes perfect sense, yet I believe a certain degree of liberty exists here in characterizing a product that doesn't necessarily imply deliberate deception. Overall, the width of boards these days definitely plays an important role that can affect relative flotation. Of course, this is arguable to some degree, especially considering a sailor's level of experience and ability. Yet, I think that the virtual volume thing only really comes into play with the higher caliber performance models that are designed to appeal to the more experienced sailor. If a few liters can make or break your comfort zone, one can always go with the next size board up in the model line to lessen the risk of swimming in.

When a sailor picks a particular board for a session, there is never a guarantee that the conditions will hold up. I have to be honest here concerning my 5 board quiver. I don't know the actual volumes of any of my boards, and I should point out that a couple of them are total sinkers if the wind dies off. Believe me, I've ended up swimming on occasion. Windsurfing is a dynamic sport that isn't without some degree of risk. However, in contrast to kiting, where no one has a board that will float them in, windsurfing offers a much more credible format to slog in.

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