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Default RE: Starsurfer Medium


I am interested in seeing Roger's response as well, but I would suggest a Rio S or the new Phantom, if the warranty concern makes you not want to get that 2004 Starsurfer.

The Rio S is actually the exact same shape as what used to be the Starsurfer M in 2004-2005 model years, with a little more thickness, and of course a retractable centerboard. (This confirmed earlier this year with an email exchange with Svein, when I was shopping for family boards.) I have not sailed it, but the reviews I have read (for instance in Windsport last year) were pretty decent.

The other alternative would be the new Phantom, not sure how that will be with the smaller kids though versus the Rio S. I would bet it will cost over $1000, though, versus the much cheaper Rio.

I am planning to get a second recreational board in the spring so I can get both my wife and 11-year-old daughter out at the same time, and the two I am thinking of at this point are the Rio S and the Phantom.

You might be able to get a good deal on and 2006 Rio S here at the end of the season. MSRP is the U.S. is $849, I believe, you could probably get it for way less.

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