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Default A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S

Ok, so here goes.... I am going to buy a Starboard Carve, however i have no idea whether the board will sink/float. I am around 55kg, and the wind conditions are usually around 20-30mph at derwent resevoir where I windsurf.. The two boards I have been looking at are the 111 and 122, it has to be either one of them, obviously the 111 will sink more when i stand on it, but will it sink all together in around 10mph wind conditions? I tried a 2004 Carve 144 and it was just not right to sail in for me personally. I found it incredibly uncomfortable and couldnt execute any freestyle moves or even a carve jibe. So thats why I am going for either the 111 or 122, so any help :S? And if anyone has a way of calculating this i would love to know... Thanks
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