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Default RE: carve or s type?

Hey, yea I was in exactlty the same position a few days ago, thinking whether to get an s-type or a carve, I went to the local windsurfing shop and asked the response I got was not what I wanted to hear, "you have to put 140% into the gypes on an s-type and on a carve you only need to put about 80% in"... I was gutted HOwever we got talking and the man said that I should be looking at a carve, which i was looking at before the s-type... SO the outcome is > im now looking for a carve 111/122. Like you im not exactly perfect at the carve jibes yet... so maybe go for a second hand carve, then after you get the hang of those jibes sell it and go for the dream blasting board, unless of corse you are into/ going to get into any freestyle moves, in which case the carve or something like the new kombat aero's (117) which are freeride/freestyle also ... so yea im going for the carve, and putting as little effort into those jibes as possible with a great outcome :P
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