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Default Board quiver advice for an intermediate

Hi Roger,

The season is coming fast (Hatteras trip in late April)!

I know you answer this a thousand times...

I started windsurfing this summer. I have a Fanatic slalom Bee 125l and a Nova 180l. Although the Bee is 15 years old, it is in good shape and weights 21 pounds.

I only used the Bee 4 times since I've used the foostrap. Since I loves the speed and agility of the Bee (compared to my Nova). I might look to replaced both boards. I weight 180 lb, 34, and I am an agressive intermediate who wants to progress (footstrap, harness and water start ARE OK). I sail 30 times a year in these conditions: 8.5 (35%), 6.7 (35%) and 5.5 (20%) and presently looking for a 4.5 (10%) to complete my sail quiver. 12 days are in Cape Hatteras and others in Montreal, Quebec area.

Any board suggestion? Can a board be good in these broad conditions or 2 is required? if so which to replace? Should I only replace the Nova, keep the Bee and buy a board for light wind or the opposite: keep the nova the light wind and get a board for medium wind?

In other words, which one is the most restrainer (prevent me to get air, jibe or chop fun)? A New Big fatso board or an old design medium wind board.

I came up with an costly idea: 2 new board:

- Carve133 for my 6.7 and 8.5 sails (and 5.5 for 1 board family trip)

- Kombat 95 for my 4.5, 5.5 and 6.7 sails

Thanks for your comments

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