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Default RE: Why Board Maker lie about actual volume ?

I am rather on the same line with o2bnme. While I think SteveC is quite a bit too much diplomatic.
When I bought my RRD 281 it was specified at 103 lts.; the following year, the same board was specified at 99. My RRD 278 was specified at 90 lts. the first year, after that at 88, and is reported at 84 on the ISAF list. After that I do not rely much about volume specs; I prefer to look at the board, volume distribution, max and tail width, rail thickness, and make an idea by myself.

Volume is a technical spec, and as such it is supposed to be accurate. Board makers that fail to be on spec are actually generating troubles to the users. Carelessness and marketing reasons probably do the damage. Reliability of specs is one of those things that one does not notice much, nevertheless I am sure that over time it could silently add up to the reputation of a board maker.

IMHO it is too much complicated to describe a board behaviour size wise in terms of one single number. Therefore, mandatory to be right on spec, and then add the "best wind range of use" as a further guide. To me, "it rides like a..." could be not accurate enough since a board could behave totally different when schlogging, sub-planing and full planing.
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