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Default A perfect day, every day..

Okay, you may know this situation.
It's been blowing a perfect wind for the last four days. You didn't have the time to go and do what you love, because of job, family, painting the house and more. Saturday seems a possibility. At least for three hours. And the wind seems to almost still blow by then.
Well almost... As you get to your spot rig your medium sized sail, go schlogging for half an hour, rig up again, get on a plane a little and then the wind drops and it's over.
You pack the rack and take your one hour drive back again. The next day is one of the best days of the year for windsurfing and you sit there, at grandmas 85 yrs birthday party watching the wind blowing in the trees outside... YOU'RE TRAPPED AGAIN.....

When I did kickboxing I could deside to go every tuesday and thursday at a given time and practice for two hours. No deal, ok fun, but very far from the kick(!) you get by windsurfing..
As everyday persons with a passion for windsurfing it's very often more waiting than practicing to be in the sport...

What is the key to break this....???...
I've tried formula: lots of planing, but static, not loose and expensive.. I've tried Carves, S-types, Aeros, longboards etc. and they're all very nice in their own niche... WHEN YOU HIT THAT RARE WINDY SATURDAY WHERE YOU HAVE THE TIME....

What is the code to say: I' will go windsurfing when I have the time and I will return three hours later with a smile on my face no matter the conditions....
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