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Default RE: best allround wavesail on the market?

Hi, guest!

At first i'd like to say that i don't want to offend anyone or to do a comercial for a brand.

My favourite sail is the Hot Sails maui SO. It works great in all conditions. It's good for all kinds of wavesailing - from onshore to cross off, whatever you want. I also like to use it for freestyle. It handles really well and feels really good. I even use it with my slalom board. The shape of the sail hasn't changed for a lot of years now. My oldest sail (all SO's) is now three years old and has no signs of damage. I also travel a lot - the nearest surf spot is 10km away from my house. The sails ''survive'' all the airport abuse in Sharm el Sheikh(belive me they don't treat the equipment very nicely there) and a lot of driving. Once when i was carrying the sail off the beach and suddenly a gust of wind came from te opposite direction that it was blowing before. So the sail turned around - i just couldn't hold it - and it hit a tree branch really hard. The surface of the branch was about the surface of a hammer. The sail? No damage at all. Definately a good combination of preformance and endurance. If you take it as a down-side: they are pretty heavy.

If you are looking for a lighter sail, i've heard that Ezzy's are light... I don't have any experience with them but some friends that make custom boards and are sailing in marocco for 3 months a year say that they're really good in the waves.

Kind regards
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