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Default RE: Board quiver advice for an intermediate

Hi Roger,

Thank you of rising up good questions!

I want to continue the natural steps of progressing in windsurfing...which I think will be chop-hop and jibing. In a long term goal, I want to be able to ride at an expert place 2 hrs from home (it's called St-jean on the St-Lawrence river (very windy and strong tide current= big swell).

Primary goals:

Light wind planing with your 8.5 ? YES but I could accept a little less planning ability because better technique is now compensating...

Better higher wind performance than your Bee 125L? I don't know what a newer board has to offer 'cause my old slalom Bee was fast enough with the 6.7m.

Easier learning curve for jibes and chop hops, etc.? YES YES YES

Something a little wider than the Nova ? NO, it is already too cumbersome to carry over the roof or inside the car.

Have you fully explored all the potential with your Nova? NO, but I have a weed True Ames 18" and footstraps are all the way back and outboard.

For now, I don't want to invest for larger rig for lighter wind: I will take a half day off when the wind will be there.

Thank you again
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