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Default RE: A weight problem, which board volume to get? :S

HEY guys, thanks a lot for your help, Im now considering the 101/111 forgotten the 122 .. Yea the wind conditions are usually pretty damn gusty up here, and yea there are days when the wind drops off completely but I would only be going up to sail in 15-30mph winds (I might of been exadgerating a little there when i said 20-30)... which are normal, and luckily I have bought a 6 meter sail. To "steveC", I've just bought a 6m sail as I just said, however I went up to the water spot on sunday and everyone told me that I would be lucky to use the 6m, they were all using 3.5 and then upping it to a 4m when the wind dropped, so Im thinking about getting 2 more sails, 4meter and 5meter along with the 6 I have allready bought.. The wind for the next 3 days is forecast to go, Thursday 12mph, Friday 17mph, Saturday 23mph, just a quick example of the wind speed. So is the 101/111 the appropriate choice? Thanks
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