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Default RE: Why Board Maker lie about actual volume ?

Perhaps geo is right, and I'm just being diplomatic here. Actually, he right. But, let's look at the bottom line. Regardless of what's being marketed, the bottom line is success with any design, even with the less experienced sailor. When you really get down to it, when a board like the iS101 is promoted as a great board, irrespective of it "actual" specifications, aren't the results in the bottom line? It has been a core board for Kevin Pritchard, and highly recommended in the line overall by Ian Fox. Is this board a dog? I can't think so, given KP's performance. Look what AA accomplished sailing the Isonic line. It's hard to argue with a successful game

But really from my personal frame of reference, geo is right about the following guideline.

"I prefer to look at the board, volume distribution, max and tail width, rail thickness, and make an idea by myself."

Isn't that what's all about? Of course, things get quite complex when a sailor wants one board for everything. Yet, I still think that a sailor must be pragmatic, have an intuitive sense and an understanding of things when things get tougher. The optimum board to use is not always clear cut.

In answer to the Guest that posted after geo, I guess results must be the guide. If the best folks are styling on the certain products, the consumer is in a great position to leverage. Are we like the pros, where simple numbers aren't everything, you've got to decide? I think that I can realistically say this. The measure of a product offered determines its success, for good or ill.

For the true numbers, maybe the Starboard folks can respond. Was the iSonic line a success, particularly the iS101? Did their marketing plan work to everybody's advantage? From my vantage point, the virtual volume thing remains alive.
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