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Default RE: ISonic fine tuning (For Ian and Kevin)

Hi Ian,

Thanks a lot for your comments,
Of course I assume that the real range for the IS87/111 quiver is from 12 to 30/35 knots in order to race with the best possibilities with my 89 kg. and my actual sails set
The more specific questions shoud be:

1-May I expect to begin planning at 10 knots with the new Code red 9.0 that I??m just ordering ? (assuming a good pumping ability)

2-Is there enough board overlapping In the middle of the range (18-25 knots ) ?

3- A 4.6 slalom sail would help to sail safely (I??m not talking about reaching ideal top speed, just surviving) on the 40 knots wind range?

As soon as I can sail the boards I will tell you the first impressions (I hope next week)

Best regards

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