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Default RE: Why Board Maker lie about actual volume ?


if the bottom line is just making great boards and delivering them to the public, then why state volumes at all?

Again, tech specs are just that and are supposed to be correct.

Volume can be taken into account in many different ways depending on skill level and sailing conditions. Let me give a rough example.
For a beginner, volume has to do with floatability, and it will account for its total measure.
For an intermediate, it has to do with planing bottom end as more volume will push the board's tail deck out of the water sooner, and it will account for its tail and middle board distribution.
For an advanced sailor, it has to do with the ability to support bigger sails, and rails will be expecially important.
For a pro, it probably accounts for nothing or so.
Now a board maker can address a specific model to a specific group of sailors, but actually he can not know who in the end will use the board. Therefore, it makes no sense at all to alter volume specification and invent "virtual volume" in order to give a hint of the boards actual behaviour.
My Sonic 95 (96 lts. from the IBSA list) should be specified at 96 for a beginner and an intermediate; bigger than that for an advanced sailor, as it can easily carry bigger sails than its competitors, say 105. So, better to call it a 95/96 and state clearly that for an advanced 75 kg. sailor it can start planing at 12 knots with a 7.5 and still be competitive in 25 with a 6.0. It's easier and more useful.
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