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Default RE: Wave Board Dilema - Ola

Good day Ola. Finally managed to track down an 07 evo 80....but have also been tempted by the JP RWW 83. I have not ridden an evo 80, but have been on the RWW 83, and compared to the Evo 74, it is MUCH better at going upwind, and in the lulls. This was a problem I solved on the Evo 74 by using a huge 24 cm MFC fin, but this killed the looseness of the board.

How does the Evo 80 07 go upwind, and will it be as comfortable as the JP, as I will not get the chance to demo the evo 80. As above sails 4.7 / 5.5 Mainly 5.5. Sounds like the 80 needs to be powered up, whereas te JP can do without much power.

Thanks again
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