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Default RE: best allround wavesail on the market?

The way do describe superfreaks is that they are very DIFFERENT. But if you continue to repeat that to yourself while trying them out, you'll find out that they actually sail fairly normal after all. The "normality" consist of that they actually are well balanced mid power sails that just work. The unusual parf is of course the luffability, the extreme springiness of the whole sail, the totally silent ride, the extreme trimability and so on.

Contrary to what loos may tell you, the Superfreak is an extremely high tension sail. It takes more force to downhaul these than any other wave sail I've tried. But with the 4/5-length battens you still get teh luffability which give you the "on/off feel" which most peoepl associate with a wave sail. That you have this sift front part makes the sails special to pump. The leech is thight though, so with the right technique they pump very well. When going from off to on, the sail also has a kind of delayed action which can both be a great help but also can feel too indirect sometimes. So, from this "feel" kind of perspective you have to try before buying. I like sailing them now and them, but I would not personally choose them as my main sail (except maybe in very small or very big sizes). Others just swear by them and there is probalby no sail on the market that has so many "super stoked loyal followers" like the superfreak and this is more due to the ride quality that colors and such things.

The superfreak is extremely tuneable. Its hard to say why, but you can simply trim them much flatter than a normal sail and they still feel alive and active. This means their total wind range is nothing but extraordinary. Its not only that the sail can handle the wind without folding (many sails can do this). Its more that you actually trim away power on the freak so that you can continue to sail it _comfortably_ when the wind increases. A very special feeling.

Again though, try before buying. And if you're coming from a kind of stiff power sail like the Force, this is even more important.

If I should recomend a more "normal" sail from the Hot sail range, it would be the Smack. In its current incarnation, its extremely all round in almost any way you can think of. But if you end up liking the Superfreak sail, you will be hooked for life.
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