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Default RE: Longboard sailing

The thing that caught my attention here is the decision to make the centerboard, or dagger, removable rather than an on demand option. Kind of working more off the Serenity idea. Looking at the surfy longboard shape, with a target toward stand-up paddling market, the removable centerboard is quite a weight saver and really more versatile on the scheme of things.

Maybe it's a challenge of sorts with Exocet's offerings? Of course, one should check out Patrice B's latest video offering regarding the Kona Surf, where he's the feature star. He's having a great time in a marginal environment, and I don't think it wasn't part of the message. With less complexity concerning the centerboard, I think that Starboard might have some leverage here. Better for many like me that see an opportunity in surf rather than lake type directional crusing. The beauty is the economy between the two interests. One or the other, depending on the environment. Not a bad idea.
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