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Del Carpenter
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SteveC's posts are thoughtful. He is a consistent and frequent contributor and what he writes is worth reading. As a reader I would like to find more posters like SteveC.

As an owner of two of Starboard's products I want the resale value to hold up. As mediocre sailor I want these forums to provide information so I can at least dream about learning things that will help me be a better sailor. I think the most any manufacturer is doing for the future of windsurfing is Starboard's support of Roger Jackson's Taste of Windsurfing Tour. Starboard gets my support because I see Starboard supporting windsurfing.

Mistakes are made and when that happens we should tell Starboard. We should also tell them when they get it right, it is to our advantage to encourage Starboard. I think SteveC's support of Starboard is ultimately helpful for the rest of us.

In the late 70's or early 80's there was a book called "The One-Minute Manager." It said positive comments are more powerful motivators (in the desired direction) than negative comments. It said if you want to motivate someone, catch them doing something right and tell them. Our collective comments can influence Starboard and each other positively or negatively.
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