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Default RE: best allround wavesail on the market?

Ola's comment on the Superfreak is correct. After having sailed N.P. sails for 20 years (I think) I switched to Hotsails. Superfreaks to be more specific. The built quality of the Hotsails (so not only the Superfreaks) is in a league of it's own if you ask me. So much eye for detail I've personally never seen in any sail. As Ola points out, the Superfreak is very different, but then again it's not. I will not start to duplicate Ola's story because he nearly covered it all. One of the things I like a lot about the Superfreaks it the Dacron instead of monofilm/X-ply. Jump on it, fold it, get a good trashing in the shorebreak, sail it hard, the material is simply indistructable. Oh and another thing I noticed, the sails are so quiet, not the most important thing about a sail but quite a nice bonus. If you have the chance to try one, simply try it out. Up till now I've not had anybody trying my sails and not liking it. Having said all this, a friend of mine who loved his Manics (2005) switched to the Hotsails S.O. (2006) and he's not looking back.
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