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Ian Fox
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in case it's necessary...

The Rules : Simplified

1 > It's about having fun.
2 > If not, please see Rule 1.

Can't see any rule that requires being patronising about Starboard.
Good or bad. Agree or not. The key ingredient is "worthwhile contribution".
(Somewhere The Rules do reference "play fair". For the full rules, see that thread..)

Steve's got that win, realistically difficult to call it any other way.
There's plenty of room for 11 others.
If you thought we were joking about the handouts, we're not...
Come December 25, someone's gonna get a pretty neat Xmas present.
It will go down, fair and square. For all to see.
So, it's all there to play for, if you're up for it.

Game on.

Cheers ~ Ian

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