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Default RE: best allround wavesail on the market?

I don't have much specific experience in different wavesails designs, but I'd like to add my thoughts.
The times when sailmakers were making tentatives to design decent sails are past. I don't think there is any one sail model that does not work satisfactorily. This does not mean that each one cannot have its own distinct "flavour".
That said, and should I decide to change my wavesails now, I'd be attracted by the specific "flavour" of: Maui Sails Legends, because of great power and performance in a classic wavesail handling package; and Ezzy Sails, because of reliable lightweight durability. Such sails would probably satisfy everybody. As for Superfreaks, I never sailed one, I imagine their performance is OK, but from what I read their peculiar "taste" may be too spicy and specific to suit to everybody.
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