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Default RE: A perfect day, every day..

A dependence on nature's cooperation is our fate in windsurfing. Before windsurfing, it was surfing, yet I was still subject to a very similar fate, only in a different way. However, despite the uncertainy and frustration that dooms us all on occasion, there are those times when things are so perfect and satisfying. Because things aren't that predictable, I feel it's one of those key things that makes windsurfing so special. I know this sounds a little crazy, because most of us dream of getting it on demand. Yet, the unpredictable and varied nature of the sport provides the challenge and variety that helps keep us focused. If windsurfing was like a routine day in and day out, I don't think that it would be the same. I can say this though, not everyone is able to find happiness with the uncertainy and lack of dependability. Folks who like things to be in accordance with a schedule usually don't last very long in the windsurfing scene. Over the years I've seen many folks exit the sport for this reason. In reality, that's why windsurfing has downsized to a core level which is ultimately determined by those dedicated and continuing participants.

What I find interesting about where we are at in today's picture is that the creative focus of the industry is so energized. This has fostered a stronger base where the nature of windsurfing can be more broadly based to appeal to more folks. While many of us have drawn lines of interest with certain prerequistes, others see things differently and they can leverage successfully off a different view of things. Where not to long ago, I was kind of closed to the thought of subplaning conditions, I'm finding that I'm beginning to see a real opportunity in this direction. I think that in 2007 and onward into 2008, that many of us will see a growth and maturity in light wind concepts that will be hard to ignore. I know that I'm not alone in this thought.

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