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Default RE: A perfect day, every day..

If I had 5.75m S-type 115 weather every day of the year I would probably run out of ideas.. I like the Aero 127 7.5m days too or the 4.7 maxed out.... The variety is very important. Anyway I don't think I??m on a one out of three days being a success rate yet. Not many sports would survive this. Imagine a football player only hitting the ball every third time he went training...
Anyway a lot of creativity has been put into developement of the equipment during the last six years. Imagine the future: a 140 litre 85 cm wide wave board planing and jumping in 8 knots of wind with a five batten light weight 9.2m sail... Or seriousely light wind planing on a 8.5 sail and an ultra light board...B)
Maybe the new Star board paddle hybrid mentioned elsewhere is a new and fun challenge for the very light stuff...
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