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Default Fin Damage

Any thoughts on repairing a Deb R13 70 M?

I fell in some shore break and stuck the fin deep into the sand. About midway up the trailing edge of the fin, there is a section about 2-3 cm long that was bent to one side. Only the last 3mm of the edge is bent.

It's too thin for new material (carbon or epoxy). The only thing I can think of is to file of the bent part, which will leave a small section along the trailing edge with no material.

I have been sailing with the damage for quite a while and haven't noticed any control or performance problems. However, not being an expert on a formula, I may be missing something and don't know it.

I use two other fins with the board, the Drake that came with the F160 and an older 68cm Curtis for higher winds. The Deb is still the best fin.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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