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Default RE: Putting an NP Excess 6.9 on a Kombat 97?


Sorry, don't have tried a Saber on my K86 yet, so can't comment. However, my slalom RS-1 6.6 is absolutely fine for blasting and B&J, no mismatch at all, so I guess a Saber should be fine too for what you want to do as described above.

The Saber, Excess and Expression are all crossover sails according to NP classification, but each with a distinct flavor/focus/subspeciality as follows :

- Saber : sail mainly designed for supercross : fast, locked-in feel, very powerful but manoeuvrable enough for doing the supecross figures.
- Expression : sail mainly designed for freestyle : soft feel, very flat and light in the hand for maximum handling during figures.
- Excess sail falls in between and is in my taste a perfect crossover sail with the Kombat, i.e., a good match for freeride, freewave and freestyle do-it-all sail.

So, I would say it depends on what freestyle figures do you want to attempts or have in mind in your final choice ? Tell us more about that...

Cheers !

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