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Hi Ken,

I have a suggestion, but it could be viewed as a bit crude in nature, if only because it remains so visible. In reality, it's quite simple. After preparing the area to remove all damaged material, I used Marinetex to fill the entire cavity. Then it's just a matter of shaping and sanding the Marinetex to conform with the shape of the fin.

My repair was also on the trailing edge, and it's probably a more favorable position over similar damage to the leading edge, as the likelihood of striking the repaired area is greatly reduced. In any case, after continued use of the repaired fin, there was never any sign of weakening or compromise. In fact, I still have the Curtis fin, and it exhibits no change after 14 years, but the fin has been retired for 13 years. However, I should point out that my area of repair was not 2-3cms in length (more like 1cm).

Given the relatively simple nature of the repair, it's worth the time. If the repair does degrade over time requiring removal, you really are no worse off than your original starting point.

I hope this helps some.
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