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Default RE: Why Board Maker lie about actual volume ?

Hmm "geo", I was saying I would rather not measure my board up thank you, and i dont particularly care. Fanatic NewWave 75 05, I think that you should take it up with them if it helps you sleep at night. Excuse me is that 2005 I see thats what? 3 Years old, sure(nothing wrong with old boards, I have 2). Have they not changed it now? My guidance on board volume, is.. I use it as a guide to see which board to buy, if the board volume feels uncomfortable for me, then I simply get used to it and learn from my mistake... of not hireing one to find out how it responds and how I feel with a board, the actuall volume is only a guidence of which one to buy... FOR ME... argue what you want, however this is the way I use the board volumes.
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