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Hello Roger,
I am so glad that you are still here. I like the new look and login procedure. I hope that this will stop some of the spam. I have learned much from your discussion.
I finally got out on my new Hybrid Carve. It was a gusty afternoon at a local lake. I was using my Rushwind 7.5. When a gust came up I sheeted out for optimum forward push and then started to sheet in as I placed my weight on my back foot in the centerline of the board. The nose came up and the board was pushing a lot of water. As my speed picked up, the nose stared to waver a bit. I suspect that another few mph and the nose would have dropped onto plane. But alas the wind let up and was relegated to sub-planing conditions. Is it possible to get onto plane by just increasing speed until the board is cruising and then move back on the board? I understand that the attitude of the board must be such that the nose is out of the water but can this be accomplished without the water-pushing stage?
I love the feel of the Carve. It is easy on the feet and very stable. It differs from my old long boards in a jibe as it will submarine if I get the sail over the nose. Should I just stay further back on the board?
Now I am looking toward getting to Ninigret for some stronger, more consistent wind.
Ellen, if you are out there, I would love to take lesson with my new board so you could give me some feedback on technique.

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