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Default RE: Why Board Maker lie about actual volume ?


You wrote: "... If you want to know the exact volume of your board go and try and measure it up yourself", that is why I suggested one would rather prefer to read it from the spec chart.
As for me, last time I ordered new boards I was not able to see them before deciding, let alone hiring one! More, discussing boards obsolescence in this forum, Ian Fox was suggesting that, in order to use a new board for the whole of its (commercial) life, one could order the new (Star)board immediately after the usual 15 August release and get it in Autumn, of course no chance of even seeing it and catalogue specs the only way to get to know anything on it... More again, I guess not everybody is able (or wants!) to "... simply get used to it and learn from my mistake".
But after all the main point is that technical specs are just that, useful (for one) or not.
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