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Default RE: Why Board Maker lie about actual volume ?


Ok yes, I think you are right there, "...technical specs are just that, useful (for one) or not." They are very useful. Do you order new boards without seeing them? Personally I just wouldn't do it, I would have to read a spec sheet on them or something to give me more information on the board. Over here in England there are many ways to hire a board to "try it out", the places that stock and distrobute the boards often do open days where anyone can come along and for a price (??20/30euros) test the new board to see whether it is right before they buy one. Take a look at that, this is one of many places in England that do that, and on it is a Starboard Carve 133. Anyway, that was off the topic. So you know my oppinion, of the whole board volume issue... It does not matter to me, the exact size of the board aslong as it is a close/rough estimate. However you are older than me and threfore wiser, as you may of been windsurfing for some time... Then you will have learnt from your mistakes, and that is the same for me, I will have to learn that buying the board with the volume I think it has, may be the wrong choice, but to me at the moment it does not matter. Anyway enjoy windsurfing geo, and everyone else.
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