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Default RE: wheres the Ask Rodger forum

Hi JP.
Glad to hear you got out on your new Hybrid Carve.
Sounds like you are staying too far forward on your board.
The HC is almost unique in that it just "transitions" from sub planing to
planing, but the "pushing water" and the nose sinking would suggest to me that you are not getting back far enough on the board to allow this to happen.
Where did you place the mast foot?
For sub-planing to planing conditions I found that pretty much in the center (front to back) of the slot would work well with a 7.5 m2 rig.
I think for your board to plane nicely you will have to get your rear foot behind the front footstraps (actually about midway between the front and rear footstraps) to get the planing surfaces at the back of the board inclined correctly. Give this a try.
The only time you need to stand up forward, by the mast foot, is when you want to maximize the waterline length with the center board down to go upwind at max. angle. Then a little lee rail down with the front foot moved down to the centerline and the rear foot downwind a little from the centerline and you can "rail" the HC slightly to get max. lift from the CB and max. waterline length.
Hope this helps,
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