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It might be a bit too early for specific details, but I wonder about the weights of the two SUP boards. Without the integral adjustable dagger assembly, I would think the weight savings would be fairly significant. From my perspective, the ability to optionally attach a fin type dagger (similar to the Serenity) makes better sense than incorporating integral dagger assembly. I say this because my first sailboard included an adjustable dagger, and over time, I hardly ever used the board that way. Also, one could substitute a swept weedfin for vertical fin type dagger. An important feature in many locales faced with shallow conditions or kelp.

Another thing, I'm curious about the decision to go with a brass insert on the deck for attaching the sail assembly instead of going with a standard mast track. I would think that the standard mast track would be more robust overall, especially in a sizable surf environment. Yet, I'm surmising a bit, since true strength and durability has everything to do with how the inserts are designed and incorporated in the board.

Overall, these SUP boards are a very exciting addition to the Starboard line. I have to admit, these offerings have my attention. What's the suggested retail pricing?

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