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Hey guys I think you're mixing things up:

I don't give a shit who wins whatever little prize (e.g. paper towel to wipe off fecis attained during contest). That was not the point.
Actually I didn't even know steveC had won in the first place.

The point was that and related threads (actually almost all pre "new forum") were interesting, imformative and amusing. Whatevever has been written lately in the name of steveC was just ouzing sweetsour slimey blahblahblah.

The guy doesn't stay loyal to himself (question is, is it the "real" steveC or maybe some *b employee "soft"spaming this site (humping it with his mouse)).

BTW who cares what board(s) you or anyone else owns.

So keep on trying to talk yourself or others into wanting to be best pupil in the class (or just grow up).

Actually I should win the contest this month for saying the truth without licking someones arse (puke).
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