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Default RE: Do I need to trade her in?

Well, the answer is yes, the newer boards will be better than the older ones for the most part. But what about the old board has you thinking you need a new one?

I love sailing new gear, but usually I switch boards because there is something I want to change.

Is the board uncomfortable in choppy conditions?
Is the board difficult for you to jibe?
Can't get it on a plane easily enough?
Wind conditions never match the board?
Don't like the color? ;-)

Seriously, you say you've only had it a few months? If that's the case, if you can't come up with something you don't like about the board, then I suggest you see if you two create more of a relationship over the season. If it still doesn't work out, get a divorce in the summer and get a newer board.

I purchased an AHD Convert 60 4 years ago. The test drive was great, but then for the next two years, I couldn't seem to figure out how to really capitalize on the boards strengths. Yup...two years. Every season I think about replacing it, but I have a few sessions during the season that shows I'm barely tapping into what this board can do. So, I keep it for another season. Coincidently, this board is a 2002, but since I got new fins for it, I have found it is a very capable board for my needs.

I would suggest not switching too quickly unless you have a specific reason to do so.

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