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Default RE: wheres the Ask Rodger forum

Hello Roger,
I have mastfoot in the middle position as this was my first time out on the board. I was in variable winds. The board pointed up very well with the centerboard down. I only encountered the nose burying when I was in subplaning conditions and jibing. When I intended to get up onto plane, My back foot was between the front and back footstraps. I tried to place all my weight on the back foot and was working toward getting my front foot in the footstrap. The board's attitude was nose out of the water. I was thinking about your advice that most beginners sheet in too quickly and do not 'go throgh the gears'. I weigh about 200lbs. so it may take a bit more wind to get me to the necessary speed for planing. I have yet to feel the fin 'hook in' . Can the board plane without having all the weight on the harness? I know that I am just a few tips from planing. Hopefully, I can get some crucial feedback from Ellen when she sees my efforts. Thanks again.
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