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Default Board - Sail selection

Hi Roger,

I enjoy reading your advice which seems well founded.

I have not windsurfed the last 10 Years. Before that I windsurfed for 13-14 Years on short boards such as Bic Electric Rock, F2 280 Sputnik, Mistral Screamer etc. my largest sail ever was a 6,7 meter Neil Pryde race sail. Back then I could waterstart and even do the occasional slalom gybe - but I have propably lost the edge :-(.

I am now contemplating starting again. However I find a myriade of boards and sails to choose between. You could say spoiled for choice but less could very well be better, minimizing the posibility of a wrong choice.

I weigh approx 65 kg and I am 170 cm. tall - and 51 Years old :-O

I would be sailing in a bay with off-, side- and onshore conditions. I would be sailing in flatwater to choppy conditions (short steep chop). Wind conditions would be 10-18 knots - equal to from when white caps occationally appear until I start getting scared stiff.

As I would be sailing only occasionally I would appreciate your suggestion for a one board and one sail combo.

A high "plug and play" factor would be important to optimize what I get out of my time on the water. I would have a high emphasis on control and how easy it would be to get good performance from the suggested combo.

My last sails were very sensitive to perfect rigging - I would love it if the sail could be a little bit more forgiving with regards to "perfect rigging" although I do understand that it is important.

I would not be able to sail "a lot" and thus would not be able to spend a lot of time experimenting trim on the board and sail.

Based on the above - could - would you pass on a recommandation based on your wast experience ? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards
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