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Ken Wrote: "Starboard seems to have fun coming up with unusual boards that appeal to a very small percent of the market."

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the starboard SUPs. Only a tiny minority of windsurfers would choose them over more versatile longboards like the Kona.

But now I'm starting to appreciate SB's strategy. The SUPs may not appeal to many windsurfers, but they will have much more appeal to SURFERS than any other type of "windsurfable" board. Surfers outnumber windsurfers by like 20:1, so even if only 1 out of 20 surfers buy SB SUPs, SB could be selling twice as many boards as last year!

I bet SB is considering advertising the SUPs in surfing media. To compete with the other ads in surfer magazines, I think SB needs to put their SUPs next to some nearly-naked Brazillian butts.
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