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Default 2007 Kombat 79 - how is it?

G'day from Melbourne, Australia.

Any comments on the Kombat 79 and how it performs as a high wind freestyle-wave board and a potential one-board solution for a lighter guy like myself (around 71kg)? I'm guessing you guys must have tested this a bit!?

I used the 2005 Kombat 95 (wood) a lot and it was actually good for learning spocks, spock540s and even lighter wind backloops, but, being 95l, I found it obviously heavy and too big in stronger winds and also a bit docile in straight line tracking.

Much of my sailing is high-wind cross-shore to cross-onshore sailing (almost similar to Pozo on big days) where I like to mix up big jumps and loops with freestyle (spocks, spock540s and ponches) and backside/frontside waveriding.

I'm really interested in how the Kombat 79 performs for this sort of sailing and whether it is early planing and still ok in wind down to around 20knots!?

I'd much appreciate some feedback on this as I haven't found any reviews/comments on the Kombat 79 anywhere yet!

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