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Hi Ricardo,

While I think that many of us want more details regarding the Starboard's anticipated SUPs, I have to say that any boards with the length of over 12 feet, with 25"+ widths, will be quite lumbersome in comparison with shorter/thinner regular longboards made for surfing. Watch out for critical top-to-bottom waves on SUP beasts, as you don't want to caught too high up the wave before it suddenly pitches.

One must remember though, that surfboards of any type will not float you statically standing on them, and that's an important difference. Also, one must remember that top level SUP performers using a paddle appear much more aggressive in their turns and maneuvers (think Laird Hamilton or Sean Ordenez), yet more normal folks won't find SUPs necessariy as capable or maneuverable.

If you want to surf (not SUP surfing or light wind longboard windsurfing), get a true surfboard. I don't think that there would be any real debate about this conclusion.

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