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Default RE: 2007 Kombat 79 - how is it?


I have unfortunately not sailed the K79 myself, but have used the 87 quite a lot and have some testimonails from others regarding the 79.

First, the 07 KOmbats are pretty differnt from the original 85/95/105. The rocker is totally different and so is the rest of the bottom layout - it used to ba a concave and not is a tricky vee configuration (so no problems with straight line tracking). The result is a much faster and livelier board but I would also say that stability in a turn is greatly improved. I'm no freestyler myself, but if anything the 07 Kombats are better at this by virtue of their speed and since they sort of feels less "sticky".

In any case, I have a VERY hard time imagining any better board for a one board solution like you describe. No doubt the Kombats are great wave riding board with a feel reminescent of the Acids (which pretty much have the same rocker and v config). Wider tail and nose will mean a more stable platform than the Acids and also a bit more effectiveness when its light and small, but you pay for this when wave riding gets faster when the Kombats starts getting a handful earlier. You can expand their range in such conditions by both going for smaller fins and also rig a bit smaller. If your only gonna sial in waves, I would trick the K79 out with a Drake Natural fin or two to boost the wave performance.

With the section above in mind, the only alternative that comes to mind for you is an Pure Acid 74. As I wrote above, the rocker and v is very similar and so is the general ride in a wave setting. At 71 kilos (I weight 69 myself), the 74 will get going very early too, though it would be a bit less agile at 20knots than the K79, I would say. On the other hand, I predict the PA74 to keep you comfortable a fair bit longer into the high wind range.

To simplify, if your focus is sailing in the 5.8-4.5 range, the K79 might be the best alternative. If your focus is 5.3-3.5 you might want to look at the PA74 instead. Both are amazing boards though that mixes performance and easy riding in an almost miraculous way.

Pleas ask again if you need more info.
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