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Default RE: 2007 Kombat 79 - how is it?

Hi AA25,

Not a Team Member but I do sail in Melbourne, weigh just slightly less than you and own a PA 74 Wood. So far I've sailed it in the Bay and also Waratah Bay about 6 or 8 times with 5.3 down to 4.2. In fact since I bought it haven't sailed anything else and I have a stupidly full van. Fantastic board in the bay although I'm not looping or freestyling, just great for jumping, blasting through the chop and getting the odd turn on the sea breeze wave faces. Very different board to my old Evo 74 and much more suited to bay conditions IMO - a really great board, incredibly easy to sail fast and confidently. Quite sailable in less than 20 with a 5.3, but I certainly wouldn't try anything bigger than 5.3. Been thinking lately that the perfect combo would be Komat 87 and Evo 74.....but you did want the one board solution! If you see me (lime green VW van) you're welcome to have a go.

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