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Default RE: Help with choosing a wave board!

Interesting question. The first thing to ask is wether you're gonna be doing any frontside wave riding. I'm not so familiar with the sailing on the Great Lakes and while I know there are some sailors that love their EVOs there, I somehow have the impression its not so much frontside riding but rather backside and B&J. Then I would actually say some of the Acids are better. I love EVOs myself, but for the type of sailing I describe above, even I would choose an Acid. So, assuming my description is right, we can concentrate on Acids (and ask again if my assumption is wrong and/or if your still interested in an EVO, difference between 05 and 06 E74 is only fin and straps and maybe some construction updates).

All Acids are concieved as pure down the line wave riding boards, but they are in fact also excellent B&J boards. This goes for the PA 80 and 86 06 and all PAs from 07 especially. The 06 PA 80 might be one of THE best wave boards for blasting ever (just ask Ian Fox - well known for his blasting skills). At your weight (incidentally pretty much the same as mine) the 80 might start to get a bit big though. 5.3 is will still be perfect on the 80 and 4.5 good too, but 3.7 will start to get hectic.

So, left is the 05 Acid 74. While this board is not really an as good a blaster as the 07 PA 74 it would still hold its own against most wave boards. On a wave its a VERY nice board. Frontside it has this nice kind of flow to it and backside its very agile and crisp. It easily handles 5.3, but prefers to be powered up at this sail size (I used it even with a 5.6, so its not like the 5.3 is an absolute limit). Compared to an EVO 74, I would not say there are any disadvantages for B&J and marginal stuff (except for frontside wave riding).

So, if you're getting the 06 A74 at a good price, I would say GO.
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