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Default RE: Isonic 96 or 101?

I definetely don't want to answer in Kevin's place, but I've read in several iSonic topics that the 101 is the magical board for slalommers in Kevin Pritchard's / Ian Fox's opinion as a 1 man - 1 board slalomboard. If you are going to buy more boards, a different range might be better but from what I've read, I'd say the 101 is the favourite board of the pro's. So if you have the budget, I'd say you should go for the 101. If your level isn't very high though, one might choose for the cheaper option since it's not likely that you will notice much differences between these boards.

Though even I, as a intermediate sailer (in the early fase of intermediate ) noticed differences in characteristics between the 2006 and 2007 shapes. The 2007 boards are (to my experience) waaaay easier to control, they sail somewhat like a freeride board, but with the speed potential of a slalom board! The 2006 had me working more, created more adrenaline but got out of control sooner.

Hope this helps,

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