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Dear all.

SUP, is the re birth of wavesailing for me personally ,,,,
I have never enjoyed myself more than while waves sailing on the 12'2" SUP with Jeff Henderson on Maui this winter.
We went out without a harness in 2-9 knots, while easily climbing over the breaking waves, then turn around outside the reef and catch any waves , even the most slack ones.
Snappy bottom turns and smooth top turns , while getting plenty of speed down the line to keeping on riding the full length of the wave.
A new dimension for wavesailing .

When the wind totally disappeared , the paddle was handy to explore the coast line and try to catch a few waves at the outer reefs.
In Thailand we have tried some coast run,, good fun ,, some of my friends went so fast on the down wind paddle run that they missed
the meeting point by 7-800 meters.
Try to go out paddling into the sunset, calm water , no noise from the wind, the nose of the board cutting through the water.

Some people are confused some producers explaining that their windsurf boards that can be used for paddle boarding.
We are here discussing totally different concepts..
Our 12???2 ??? and 12???6?? are 100% Stand Up Paddle boards, that surf insane and are terrific for wavesailing too.
They also count as the best light wind freestyle boards,, but they are absolutely not planing if they were, they would not be able to ride very well on a wave or paddle very well either. We are not looking at a windsurfing one design class here, we will leave that for other new projects that will be unveiled 15th of Aug.

SUP mixed with windsurfing is now its pioneering stage. it is a fantastic way for surfing and windsurfing to cross roads and at the same time invite all kayak and Canoe enthusiast to join.
In my early years windsurfing I used to paddle in a kayak to the little island where my windsurfing board was stored. It was hurting in my knees, neck and butt, while I got water in my face and could not really see much of what was going on around me as I was sitting down,,,,
The times the kayak capsized I had trouble getting on board again.
I will never sit down paddling again, as with SUP its all changed.

SUP, probably the best thing that happened to windsurfing and windsurfers since windsurfing.
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