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Hi Svein,

I think you misunderstood my comments to Ricardo. Having been an avid surfer for 23 years before discovering windsurfing over 20 years ago, the mainstream sport of regular surfing is quite a bit different than SUP. If one's interest was strictly surfing, you would be much better off buying a shortboard or normal longboard to get the most out of sport. I have no doubt that if you gave most surfers the chance to pick the board they wanted from the rack at the surfshop, the SUP without the paddle wouldn't have a chance. Really, even regular longboard surfboards are greatly outsold by shortboards in light of their far greater maneuverability on the wave, especially very fast critical ones.

Now on the topic of Stand Up Paddling, particularly a SUP that incorporates a mast attachment point, you guys REALLY have my attention. I think that's clear from my other posts on the two other threads on the topic. You ought to check them out, because my interest is quite clear, and I think that you will agree my input is very positive. It's important to note that I'm the one that provided the web address yesterday showing a bunch of great SUP photos from the recent Makaha contest on Oahu. I realize that SUP is a hot new growing sport that is attracting attention and interest, even amongst traditional surfers.

Lastly, in one of my earlier posts, I asked a few questions concerning your anticipated SUPs. It would be great if you or someone from the Starboard Team would kindly offer some response.

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