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Got to try out the Seneity today. This thing is a wind magnet, for sure. At 1:30 pm, the wind talker reported 6kt and variable direction. At 1:45 it said 7 with gusts to 16, so I went to the lake.

An hour later, upon arrival, there were lots of whitecaps, so I rigged 6.0 and sailed my hypersonic. About 5 the wind dropped so that even with lots of pumping I couldn't get the H105 planning, though there was still some wind, perhaps 10 or better in the gusts. So I tried the Serenity. This was not exactly what I had in mind for the initial session, but I was really impressed. I used the small fin and stayed with the 6.0. Once in the water, it just took off - not exactly planning, but moving quite well. It seemed to want to point almost straight into the wind (or so it seemed). I didn't sail long, as it was late, and very cold, but I had no problems tacking it, and completed 2 of my first 3 jibes! The video posted on the other thread was pretty helpful. At the end, our sails were freezing up (in the shade) and it was time to pack it in.

So, it looks like one use for this board I didn't expect was to pick up when the wind drops and you can no longer get planning. It really didn't seem that hard to sail or turn, and uphauling isn't too difficult. It is really quick, and very quiet when sailing.

I'll post more after I get a reasonable number of sessions under my belt.
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