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Default tuning an Evo 74L 05 model

Hi Ola,
I'm after your input into setting up my "new" evo for the waves.

I'm 60kg and want to use this board mainly for 5m to 5.7m weather in both clean down the line conditions and onshore mush - I have a 72 litre waveboard for stronger winds and an 85L freewave board for lighter winds. I haven't used a pocketwave style board before.

I presume I should have the foot straps as far forward as possible with the mastfoot back in the rear position of the mast track (slight adjustment forward for the 5.7m sail)
The board came only with a 23.5cm select wave fin (do you know this brand?) which I presume will be OK for the 5.7 sail. Will this fin tighten the board up too much when I'm using smaller sails (maybe even down to a 4.5m) and should I obtain a 21cm or 22cm drake fin?
Do I need to increase my boom height a few cms when compared with my trad. board?
What change in wave riding style will I need to employ compared to the trad. to make the turns more pivotal rather than drawn out? (more front foot pressure and more pressure through the mast foot?)

Thankyou for your effort
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